Our author, Sensei Chris Perry 7th Dan Ju-Jitsu, amongst his many other qualifications. Known by many and unheard of by others, has travelled the world and trained with the famous, the infamous and what he refers to as the great unknowns. Great!, because they are as truly dedicated athletes, as passionate and devoted to their particular style of martial arts as any recognized, acknowledged master of his or her art. It is to these, as always, unsung men and women that are the backbone of those arts and preserve this proud heritage, that this book is dedicated to. Folks like you and me, commonly united in a single goal which is to progress ourselves and to be able to defend our loved ones, which in turn promotes the martial arts in general

Chris takes you on a journey through some of the many pitfalls and hilarious moments shared by himself and his close friends and students, over the past forty years. Four decades of pain, strains, fat lips, many an accomplished challenge together with the odd moments of sheer gullible stupidity. Fast becoming an almost cult status, martial artists collectors handbook, as it bares no single allegiance or favouritism to any one particular style, but instead heralds the exploits of that strangest of beasts....'A student of the martial arts!'. This unique guide book to surviving the martial arts raises an eyebrow or two in recognition of all the true incidents, accidents and behavioural traits of some individuals whilst cracking a wide smile to antics of others.


Chris has just finished the second instalment which promises to be even more entertaining than the first edition. We will bring you the details soon.


Surviving the martial arts First edition

                                                                       2008 WOFA.